Toddy's Fruit and Veg is happy to start taking orders on all things Xmas, below we have 1 Xmas pre made box available, as well as other items you may wish to add. If you would like to create your very own box then please fill your boots. As always our produce will be purchased from our markets the morning of your delivery, giving you the best freshest quality ingredients for these festive holidays.

*Delivery of these boxes will be Wednesday 22nd & Thursday 23rd of December between 8am and 8pm (please let me know if a specific time is necessary and I can plan ahead)

*Minimum order £35

*Order as normal, in AM/PM section just write Xmas and I will know this is your order 

*Orders can be placed without payment prior to the 17th of December just so we can grasp numbers and quantities 

*A confirmation email will be sent to you

*All payments must be made by the 17th of December for your order to be processed 


*Paypal or bank transfer only 

Any questions or information needed, you can call me direct or send me a message on 07534366521